Our Values

We seldom spend money to talk or advertise about us and our services. We do not offer or give any Gift to lure subscribers. Yet our subscribers eloquently expressed their TRUST and CONFIDENCE in us through increased chit subscriptions year after year. SGA CHITS has become the favorite medium of savings or source of funds for more than 1,00,000 subscribers from all walks of life.


Special features

Door step collection

Considering the convenience of the customers and to save their time we have our direct staff doing a door step collection of money. This makes sure that the time of the customer is saved and the money is accounted the same day

Transparent auction

Our auction is such transparent in a way that the customer who is really in need of money will get the chit in a healthy manner. There will not be any interference from our team on management on the same

Decent ceiling on auction bid

We monitor the auction bid in such a way that the customer is getting benefited by the same. Even though the bids can increase the profit to the organization we believe that the customer should be the ultimate beneficiary in the same, so we always fix a healthy ceiling for the same

Our advantages


The first and foremost preference of any customer while involving in any financial product is the safety of the money. We make sure the collections and the payouts are done on time

15 Years of market presence

15 puls years of active service and this is only possible because of our professional services and that’s makes us the most trustable chit fund in the region.

Good will from customers

Most of our customers are referred by our existing customers.  This means we have kept our customers happy and they trust us on our business.

Easy accessibility for customers

Our customers can reach us easily over the phone or can visit us any time they want. This makes us very close and personal with customers.

Background verified customers  

For the safety of all our customers we make sure that each and every new customer who joins us are genuine and a good profile. Strict verifications are made before adding any new customer to our chits